Evoloot Marketplace is a small company of dedicated people who want to bring North Americans fan merchandise for video games and anime from other countries, primarily Japan. We pride ourselves on dealing only with official and authentic merchandise that real fans will appreciate. We're fans too, and quality matters a great deal to us.

We operate primarily out of Alberta, Canada, but we're are growing quickly. We also frequent many conventions across North America to bring our merchandise to people who prefer to shop in person. We deliver wherever possible, we know that fandom has no limits.

Our team is comprised of staff and volunteers who are big otaku themselves. We try to know about all the best media, but there is always more to know. We carefully select our import goods using our expertise, but we'd be happy to try and get almost anything for our fellow fans. We take great care in packing and shipping too; we know the quality of the collectibles is important.

Check us out on most social media or drop us a line using the contact info at the bottom of this page.

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