7-Dice Polyhedral Set (Layered) - Les rouleaux critiques

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  • Material: Polyresin
  • Contents: One of Each: D20, D12, D10%, D10, D8, D6, D4
  • Container: Small Plastic Bag

Hey folks!  If you're looking for a new dice set, look no further!  The colours are absolutely crazy on these things.  This 7-dice set is polyresin, not acrylic, so they hold their colour in a way we couldn't have imagined years ago.  And they are absolutely perfect for gatherings of idealists fresh out of prison.  Can you see the people roll?

The thing about equality is... everyone is equal when they have good dice.  And when the DM kills the dream you have dreamed, remember, the dice of the martyrs will decorate the meadows of France!

So, uh, get a set for your next gathering today and overthrow the proletariat.  Or something.  Vive les dés!