Sengoku Basara Soundtrack Collection (CD)

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  • Catalog Numbers: SMCL-320~1, CPCA-10292, SMCL-459, SMCL-244~5, SMCL-277, VTCL-60109, CPCA-10291
  • Media Format: 8 CD's + 1DVD Total

This collection of music from one of Japan's most influential video game series covers all the basic and then some.  With 8 CDs and a DVD, you won't miss a thing. The Sengoku Basara series is a classic which went on to produce all sorts of other media.  Go back to its roots and listen for hours upon hours to the original music that started the phenomenon.. This collection includes music from the first through the fourth games of the series.  And it looks sweet on a shelf!

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Sengoku Basara Soundtrack Collection (CD)
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