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Final Fantasy VII (CD)

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  • Catalog Number: SQEX-10387~9
  • Release Date: September 4th, 2013
  • Media Format: 3 CD
  • Label/Publisher: Square Enix

"The music that accompanies the name “Final Fantasy” has always been a major talking point in all of the previous games, due to the sumptuous melodies and brilliant backing in literally all of the themes that Nobuo Uematsu composes. And this one is no different. Uematsu amazes us once again with his large range of styles and his fantastic knowledge of world cultures with this soundtrack, and when these two aspects are put together there is only one outcome. A truly masterful piece of work that meets all our expectations and manages to make us wonder what he will bless our ears with next time around."

-Jared Smith,

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Final Fantasy VII (CD)
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