Intimidating Bears (Small)

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  • Measurements (cm):  12 x 12 x 15
  • Manufacturer:  Amuse

 So Spoopy.  Many Burr.  Wow.  Be afeared, hoomans. - The Bears

I, for one, am not terribly scared.  But they sure do think they're tough!  We should probably pretend to be intimidated so that they don't realize they're absolutely adorable.  And soft!  I patted one while it was sleeping.

  • Alaska is a Polar Bear.  She likes to roar and be as scary as possible.  She also secretly likes cuddles, but only when the other bears aren't looking.
  • Grizzle McBizzle is a Grizzly Bear.  He's always unimpressed about everything.  Or maybe his face is stuck that way.
  • Honey is a Spirit Bear, a special type of Black Bear.  She has a lot of friends who are bees, and they let her share their food sometimes.
  • Peaches is a special hybrid mix of a bear and a vat of pink dye.  She only pretends to be scary to fit in with her pals.  But everyone knows she's just a big cuddle bug.

Choose your favorite bear now, or take a few home together!  They get along really well!

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