Marine Friends (Small)

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  • Measurements (cm):  15 x 13 x 11
  • Manufacturer:  Sokunou

These little saltwater buddies are looking for a place to live!  They're soft, squishy, and stackable!  I've never sea-n so many types of dolphin in one place before!  And we can't forget the beluga and blue whales, and the clownfish!  Have a look below for more information about each of these fintastic mammals (and fish!)

  • Beep is a blue dolphin who spends all his time messing with the sonar on submarines.  He also likes to breach the surface right beside boats and scare people.
  • Gray is a grey dolphin who likes to study sealife.  He is wholly unaware that he is part of that community and firmly believes that he is a human scholar.
  • Pop is a pink dolphin who likes to POP fish out of the water with her nose.  It's just a prank, bro!
  • Bella is a beluga whale.  She likes icy cold temperatures and refuses to go out wearing her coat.  It drives her parents nuts.
  • BLUUUUUUU is a blue whale.  He's lacking in the volume control department so it's good that sound is muffled underwater.
  • Nemo Jr  is an Ocellaris clownfish.  He's realized that if he hangs out with dolphins and whales, nothing scary can find him to make him into lunch.
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