Safari Zone Animals (Small)

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  • Measurements (cm):  Zebra - 19x11x16, Water Buffalo - 15x12x11, Gazelle - 17x12x20
  • Manufacturer:  Amuse

Let’s go on a safari!  Oh, but I have no money and kind of don’t like leaving my house.  You guys all go on a safari and I’ll wait here!  You can see animals like:

  • The Zebra! The beautiful, regal zebra loves to have dust baths.  They do this by flinging their entire body into a spot with loose soil and flailing around upside down until they are coated.  So majestic!
  • The Water Buffalo!  The water buffalo’s horns can reach 5 feet in length, which is kind of insane.  I’ll bet they’re heavy, too!  That’d give me a wicked headache.
  • The Gazelle!  The nimble gazelle can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour.  That’s 64.37 kilometers per hour for the non-Americans in the group!  Good luck catching one of these.  Let us ship you one instead!
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