Dangomushi - Shiny (Small)

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More Dangomushi (Pillbugs)!  We loves us some isopods here at Evoloot and we hope you do too!  These teeny ones are SO SHINY.  They are made of a new, different material than the others and that really makes them sparkle.  It’s kind of vinyl-y feeling and squeaky.  They’re stuffed just as softly as our others, but these ones are special!  Choose from:

  • Silvery Smoosh:  He’s the sparkliest, prettiest boy ever!  Look how gorgeous he is!  His favorite food is nothing, because he’s a plushie.
  • Goldie Prawn:  She’s our precious little queenbug.  She likes make believe tea parties, but real tea scares her a little because a stain would be devastating.

    (Please note: The vinyl can have minor creasing when looked at up close)
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Silvery Smoosh
Goldie Prawn
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