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Undertale (Vinyl)

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  • Catalogue Number: 8BIT-8021
  • Release Date: December, 2016
  • Media Format: 2x 180g LP
  • Label/Publisher: iam8bit
  • Music: Toby Fox
  • Artwork: Drew Wise

From the Publisher (and I really can't say it better than them in this case):

"Recipient of multiple “Game of the Year” awards and countless 10/10 review scores, UNDERTALE is amongst our most requested vinyl soundtracks. EVER.

For good reason - as Toby Fox’s original score accentuates the odyssey of UNDERTALE beautifully - a nostalgic, chip-riffed plummet down a 16-bit rabbit hole. Allusions to classic RPGs like Earthbound and Final Fantasy are certainly obvious, but the magic of UNDERTALE’s music is that in the wake of all its retro references, it deftly crafts a unique, emotional identity all its own.

Pixel-master Drew Wise’s album art lovingly explores the lore of UNDERTALE further, featuring hundreds of the game’s characters - both on the heart-shaped cover collage and the interior gatefold dance party. The “Pacifist Blue” and “Genocide Red” colored vinyl is a nice *wink* to fans. Hell, there’s even word search inserts!"


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Undertale (Vinyl)
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