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Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol 1 (Vinyl)

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  • Release Date: September 30, 2016
  • Media Format: Vinyl LP 
  • Label/Publisher: Ship to Shore PhonoCo

This epic LP features music done by Taito's in house band, ZUNTATA, from arcade games Night Striker, Metal Black, and Elevator Action Returns.  Fourteen of the best tracks have been hand picked and gently remastered for this collection by ZUNTATA themselves.  It is a delightful survey of what the band has to offer, and showcases their abilities brilliantly.  The gatefold jacket contains liner notes by ZUNTATA band member Katsuhisa Ishikawa and USGamer's Jeremy Parish.  Taito and ZUNTATA fans will need this for their collection!

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Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol 1 (Vinyl)
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